c. TooneyChain Project

As we explained it in the previous tabs, we started from the observation that a great revolution is currently taking place, bringing many innovations. This revolution of Web3 and NFT is indeed bringing about a considerable evolution in the field of technology, but also in the connection between individuals and the different assets they may own, through decentralization, greater autonomy, stronger connection, and many others. TooneyChain believes that this advancement can greatly enhance the experience of sports fans, but especially football fans.
This is why the idea of the TooneyChain project was born. With the aim of creating a complete environment, taking advantage of the benefits and advantages of Web3, to offer football fans an innovative and more immersive experience. To this end, we worked hand in hand with professionals in the field to create the best possible project by combining blockchain technology and football fans in order to bring them together in a community environment.