5. Solidarity

TooneyChain is not only a project integrating blockchain technology. One wanted to add a charitable dimension to it. The project is involved in the social field: part of the profits will be redistributed to the partner ASBL AlHambra. Thus, during the pre-sale, one will commit ourselves to give back 10% of the profits made on the sales of NFT.

Lighting of AMO ALHAMBRA

AMO ALHAMBRA is a service of action in open environment which addresses young people up to the age of 22 as well as all the people who are part of their environment. Its action is part of a social and educational prevention mission.
Our partner AlHambra helps young people on several levels:
· An education division is responsible for setting up extracurricular activities and educational successes in various schools in Belgium
· Actions aimed at reception, accommodation centers and people in precarious situations. The aim of these activities is to transmit, through physical and sports activities, the values of living together
· Practicing a sport activity allows to create links between generations and/or between neighborhoods as an essential engine for the life of the city.
In this perspective, one can see that sport can be a more than coherent tool in their integration process, that is why the profits raised for the association will be used for this purpose.
This commitment seems important to us, a simple donation can multiply the effectiveness of the actions of associations and help young people to integrate or reintegrate into the workforce.
More information on the website :