6. Vocabulary

Popularization of terms
In order to get a better understanding of this whitepaper, and more globally of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it is important to understand some notions. In this context, one has popularized some terms, which you can find in many places, for the less adept of you:


The blockchain is a type of database, immutable and unalterable. It is its incorruptible nature that makes it a revolution for digital exchanges.


Decentralized autonomous organization is a new mode of governance in which the community has the power to decide how a project will evolve through NFT and crypto-currencies


This concept refers to all actions aimed at rewarding the user for his actions in a given environment.


A hybrid event is one that is broadcast online at the same time as it takes place in person.

Primary/Secondary Market

The term "primary market" refers to the time of the initial sale of an asset. The term "secondary market" refers to all subsequent resales.


Refers to an online marketplace.


Refers to the process of buying and creating an NFT on the Blockchain that allows the token to be allocated and traded.


When we buy NFTs from a collectible project during its launch, we do not know which NFT we will receive. The time when we can see the image and features of our NFT is called the reveal.


Step-by-step implementation plan for an NFT project.

Smart Contract

A smart contract is a transaction protocol in the blockchain.


Refers to an exchange between two crypto-assets


Refers to a token, a crypto asset.


Refers to a wallet of crypto-assets.


This term encompasses all technologies derived from the blockchain, of which NFT is the best known.


List with the addresses of the people who will be able to buy an NFT in presale.